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Talham Inc is also most commonly known now for its Industrial Paving and Commercial Paving projects. Whether it be a strip mall, college, major roadway, or a multi complex development Talham Inc gets the job done and with the best utmost quality guaranteed. We are fully equipped with a range of rollers, pavers, tractors, excavators, and all the trucks and equiptment nessasary for any Industrial or Commercial paving scenario. Talham Inc will make it our priority to consult with you about the asphalt process and how to properly construct the asphalt area for its intended use.  Talham Inc Blacktop Paving has been in business for over 40 years and we have the knowledge to consider all areas involved in Industrial, and Commercial work such as drainage issues, ground density, load force, along with frequency of use, we also specialize in water sewage lines, catch basins, and drainage. Talham Inc will always consider your budget first when assessing a project and we will help to create and implement the best Pavng plan for your needs and within your budget. Our commercial projects have been top of the line and have demonstrated why we are ranked highest in the Capital District. Working with National Grid for all there restoration needs for over 5 years has given Talham Inc its premier name and distinction among all the rest. Call us to discuss any project you want premium results on and to know you are getting the best job guaranteed within your budget.

Some of Our Asphalt Blacktop Paving Commercial Projects In the Capitial District Include:

GE - General Electric Road work and Pipe Work

HVCC- Hudson Valley Community College Paving and Site Work

Saratoga State Park

City of Amsterdam Road Reconstructions

CDTA Bus Shelters

OLV Church Parking Lot

National Grid Restorations

And Many More:


Photo Gallery: Commercial Projects




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